A new Canadian joins the group: meet Davin

This summer’s group of Canadians are excitedly preparing to leave, and are happy to welcome a new face to the group.

Davin Leivonen Fok is a fourth-year student completing a degree in political and European studies, with a minor in Finnish studies. Davin will be taking the spot of Bonita, who unfortunately had to withdraw from the exchange for personal reasons.

Davin speaks conversational Finnish and has a Finnish passport based on heritage. He’s working towards political work within Europe, likely in Finland. Outside of school, Davin enjoys music and can has played guitar, drums and piano for years.

He’s also a film buff, with a preference for European art films, classical 1950s American movies and contemporary auteuristic cinema. He’s a fan of some Finnish directors, including Aki Kaurismäki.

The group of Canadians met Davin on April 26 at a barbeque send-off fundraiser, though John and Dylan met him before through mutual friends.

At the party, hosted by exchange chair Tim Stephenson , family and friends gathered for food, fun and some raffle prizes. Some alumni attended to show their support and pass on advice. Marlo made a Finnish flag out of cupcakes. In one of the first warm evenings of spring, everyone got to know each other a little better.



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