Davin @ Nokia House

My job this summer was working in Employee Communications for Nokia. My office was located in Keilaniemi, the corporate hub of Espoo, which is beside the nice bay with many corporate head offices. Keilaniemi is squeezed between Otaniemi, the university district, to the north, the somewhat commercial and residential area of Tapiola to the west, the Keilalahti bay to the east, and the Gulf of Finland to the south.

A view of the Nokia House terrace from the second floor passageway between offices.

My commute to the office was not long, as I took a then-existent 512A bus directly from our residence to the office. The commute was about half an hour and travelled along the Länsiväylä highway, passing through Leppävaara (with a huge shopping complex), and mostly just on strips of highway and different districts in Espoo. The commute was quiet for most of the summer: many people presumably on holiday, as the bus – like my office – was of a noticeably higher capacity during the last two weeks of summer.

For the first two weeks, I had no idea what I was supposed to do, because I had mainly read introductory materials, while the Employee Communications department also had a drought in material to publish. My first week was also short as the Wednesday was the company’s summer party (started just a bit after lunch), and Juhannus on Friday. It was a weird, but comfortable three-day week.

My job eventually led me to editing articles written by Nokia employees who spoke English as a second language, press releases (particularly those written by a colleague who I would become good friends with), and my own articles informing that internal employees would see, as well as other miscellaneous tasks – I had spread myself thin, having asked nearly every Communications section if they needed help. It was a good idea until more people unexpectedly found out…

The section of the floor I worked on housed mainly Communications and Finance departments. There was a canteen with coffee and tea I didn’t care for, so I was often found in our Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf café downstairs, which served great coffee and tea – as well as pulla, smoothies, and porridge, the last eventually becoming a morning staple. The self-service cafeterias also churned out great food everyday, ranging from Chinese fried rice, to Indian curries, to jambalaya, as well as a daily grill serving makkara and steak.

The work environment was great in that I wasn’t treated like someone in a subordinate internship position, as they treated me like any other employee with respect and dignity. The most shocking thing was the lack of deadlines, and rarely seeing my boss, who, for one month, was on holiday, and was frequently attending meetings.

Some of the communications team! From left to right: Mark (from Nokia's Paddington location), Anna (befriended colleague), myself, Anneli (my boss), and Åsa (who worked at the desk opposite to me).


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