Roadtrip 2022 Youtube-video

Founded in 1951 and continuing to bridge Canada-Finland relations today, the Hart House Finnish Exchange (known in Finnish as Kaledonistit) is an exchange program between the University of Toronto and three universities in Helsinki – Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, and the Hanken School of Economics. It is a unique, three month intercultural program, in which Canadian and Finnish students have the chance to work and live abroad for a summer.

Traditionally, the summer spent abroad starts with a two-week road trip, after which the students start their two month-long internships. This provides students the chance to gain international work experience and be immersed in a new culture. The Exchange operates on a four-year cycle, in which the countries rotate sending a group of students every two years.

Both sides of the Exchange are student-run, and after returning from their Exchange, the newest Alumni are in charge of hosting the next group of visiting students to their home country. This creates strong relationships between Alumni in both countries and has led to many successful, long-lasting partnerships over the years.

Text and video by Andi Darell Alhakim


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