Felicia’s Job and Evening at the mökki!

Hi all,

With less than 4 weeks left of my job contract here in Helsinki, I figured I should share some information about what I’ve been up to in the realm of work! I work at the Finnish Environment Institute (commonly referred to as SYKE) as a research trainee. My main task is to create a systematic literature review on the topic of sustainable planning in Nordic cities, which has turned out to be fascinating! In addition, I am assisting with preparations for an urban planning research conference, which will be held mid-August in Helsinki. The job has turned out to be fruitful in many ways, especially because I work with a group of 8 other interns. We have lunch and 2pm coffee break together each day, and every Wednesday we have an intern meeting. Also, next Friday afternoon we are having a ’meeting’ and then enjoying a sauna! (Yes, there’s a sauna on the 8th floor of my work.)

After an intern meeting! From the left: Essi, Antti, Sofia, myself, Liisa, Jenni, Anna and Jari.

Last night (Tuesday), Lisa, Jasmine, Jaimi, Tuomas and I had the pleasure of visiting the cottage of a Kaledonistit alumni from the 1977 group! The drive was about an hour outside of Helsinki, near Salo. Kaija Katariina and her granddaughter, Emma, were lovely hosts. It was a fun-filled and relaxing evening; we basked in a traditional smoke sauna (savusauna!), enjoyed a swim in the lake and then a delicious Finnish meal and some great conversation. We appreciate her great hospitality, and we hope to see her granddaughter Emma when she visits Toronto!

I took this photo from the dock, around 10:40pm. Bliss!

In the meantime, I plan to enjoy my remaining time here as much as possible. This weekend Lisa and I are going to Riga, Lativa, and then in 2 weeks I am going to Northern Germany, north of Hamburg, and crossing over the Danish border. That means.. two weekends remaining in Helsinki (and of course, weeknights!)

– Felicia


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