Stand-Up Paddle boarding

Finnish alumna Venla arranged a SUP excursion for us last week. Once we figured out what on earth “SUP” was, we anticipated the outing with cautious optimism.

Desktop 1024x768  Stand-Up Paddle boarding

We arrived at Töölönlahti after work, bracing ourselves to get wet, cold, and embarrassed. The lovely folks at SUP Finland fit us with paddles and strapped our ankles to the paddle boards, one by one.

Learning to balance and to avoid paddling into the reeds (and each other) proved to be as comical as expected. But after five or ten minutes, we set off down the lake towards the railway bridge.

IMG 20170801 191209 1024x768  Stand-Up Paddle boarding

We paddled all the way through to Hakaniemmi and back. Aside from being a killer work out, it was a great way to see the city from a different perspective – who knew that the E75 was so beautiful from below? (Trust me.)

Desktop 001 1024x768  Stand-Up Paddle boarding

We all loved the experience. You might even catch some of us taking these out for a spin in the Toronto harbour this fall.

Most importantly, after we were back on dry land, we met up with (almost) the rest of the group for wine and a delicious dinner. I think the kids call this being #blessed.

IMG 20170801 203436 1024x768  Stand-Up Paddle boarding

– Jasmine

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