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Greetings from Pohjois-Karjala

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Hart House Finnish Exchange 2013 getting started

The HHFE’13 group arrived to Helsinki on May 19th and was warmly welcomed by the Finnish hosts. The group is now traveling around Finland on the traditional road trip and will start their internship on June 3rd.

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A new Canadian joins the group: meet Davin

This summer’s group of Canadians are excitedly preparing to leave, and are happy to welcome a new face to the group. Davin Leivonen Fok is a fourth-year student completing a degree in political and European studies, with a minor in … Lisää…

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A Few Things the Canadians Have Heard About Finland

As a group of Canadians, living in a new country, even if it’s just for a few months, can be quite the experience. In the months leading up to the move, you’ll get to hear all kinds of facts, advice, … Lisää…

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